The growth of broad band high speed internet and the widespread availability of new cheap or free communication software and hardware has mean's that it is becoming much easier and simpler to work with clients online, making geographical location much less of a problem. Cognitive behavioural Psychotherapy requires the therapist to listen to you, and observe you as we talk, so provided you have a webcam, headphones and a microphone, the online experience will be very similar to actually attending a face to face session.

Advantages of Online Therapy

  • Access to therapists or therapies from outside your region or country.
  • Therapy from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • No travel time.

Types of Online Therapy Available

This practice offers therapy via video based therapy (Web Cam Based Therapy).

Please be aware that certain problems may not be suitable for therapy online. Suitability will be determined during your initial consultation.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The most convenient way to do online therapy is with a computer with a good webcam, headphones, microphone & broadband connection.


  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Headphones/Speakers
  • Fast Internet Connection
  • Messaging or Chat Software like Skype.

How are the Sessions arranged and paid for?

  • Sessions are always booked in advance, initial contact should be by either email or phone to arrange a mutually suitable date and time for the session.

  • Once you've set up the software, email me your online contact details, eg. your Skype ID

  • Sessions must always be paid for in advance. Ensure you have the latest version of the software, and that the hardware is installed and working correctly before the start of the session. You are paying for the therapist, not for technical support.

  • Be at your computer at the agreed start time and date with the communication software running.

  • Ensure you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session. Turn off phones, tell people not to disturb you etc.

  • You will be contacted via the communication software a few minutes before the agreed start time.

We will work for up to 1 hour, then if needed, arrange a suitable time and date for the next session.